Terms and Conditions


3.1 We may terminate your membership and refuse to restore it at any time in whole or in part immediately by notice in writing to you:
3.1.1 If you fail to comply with Conditions 2.5, 2.6, 4 and 5 of these terms and conditions provided that where such failure is capable of remedy you have not taken such remedial steps as we shall have required within 7 days of our giving you notice of such failure; or
3.1.2 for whatever reason we are unable to provide the Services.


4.1 Recognizing that good management and security of the Services is important to all AABC Members you will agree that you will:
4.1.1 not use the Services for any improper, immoral, fraudulent or unlawful purposes or for the sending of any communication or storing of any information which is of an offensive, abusive, indecent, obscene or menacing nature;
4.1.2 not cause, nor knowingly allow others to cause, any nuisance annoyance or inconvenience whether to us or to any of our Members which shall include the use of the Network for the persistent sending of unsolicited communications without reasonable cause;
4.1.3 not act in any way, whether knowingly or otherwise, such that the operation of the Network or any part of the Network will be jeopardized or impaired;
4.1.4 only use a Device and Accessories approved for use with the internet and comply with all relevant legislation or regulation relating to its use;
4.1.5 comply with any reasonable instructions issued by us which concern your use of the Services and co-operate with use in our reasonable security and other checks (which may include us making phone calls to you);
4.1.6 not send or upload anything that is copyright protected (unless you have permission) or which in any way breaches the intellectual property rights of any third party;
4.1.7 not copy, modify, store, forward, publish or distribute the Services or their Content without our express permission;
4.1.8 not to re-sell, re-supply or otherwise distribute the Services or Devices without the prior written agreement of AABC;


5.1 We may allow you to register with us and by applying for registration you represent to us that the name, address and other factual information which you provide to us are correct.
5.2 You acknowledge that if we suspect on reasonable grounds that information has been supplied to us without the knowledge of the person named or that an application is unauthorized or contains false particulars, for the protection of our Members and the Network, we may delay Membership or discontinue Services while we investigate further. If our suspicions prove groundless we will reinstate membership immediately. You acknowledge that you will have no claim against us in respect of any delay or discontinuation caused as a result of the operation of this Condition 5.2.


6.1 We update our Member Communications from time to time. Information on various topics is mailed to Members and is available on request from us. You are asked to read your Member Communications and to keep those which are mailed to you until they are superseded. We regard you as having been given any information if it is either:
6.1.1 included in a mailing addressed to you;
6.1.2 by voicemail, email text or other form of electronic message sent by us to your computer;
6.1.3 communicated directly by any means.


7.1 The AABC shall not be liable to members, for any loss or damage which is:
7.1.1 not the fault of the AABC;
7.1.2 indirect and/or not reasonably foreseeable;
7.1.3 loss of business, profits, savings, revenue, use or goodwill whether caused to the other party through any breach of Contract or any matters arising under it.
7.2.1 direct financial loss;
7.2.2 direct physical damage to or loss of property resulting from our breach of contract or negligence while providing Services.
7.3 We will not be liable to you if we are unable to perform an obligation or provide the Services to you because of any factor outside our control, including but not limited to Acts of God, industrial action, default or failure of a third party, war, governmental action, or by any act or decision made by a court of competent jurisdiction.

8. The operation of these terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the Laws of the Netherlands and subject to the jurisdiction of the Dutch courts.

AABC Member contact details are available on our website https://aabc.nl.