Member Spotlight: Stephanie Ward

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Member Spotlight: Stephanie Ward

Each month we’ll feature a different AABC member in our new Member Spotlight, this month Stephanie Ward. Would you like to be featured in a future edition of our Member Spotlight? Get in touch with Veronica at


1. Who are you? (introduce yourself)

I’m an Okie (that’s someone from Oklahoma) who has lived in the Netherlands since 1999. Moved here for a Dutch guy and we’re still together and happier than ever.

I love nature, water (looking at it and swimming in it) and tacos. I’m also one of the strange people who loves marketing.

I love to help other Small Business Owners find marketing strategies that fit for them so they can love it enough to take action and grow their businesses.

Connecting with people and creating and sharing ideas are also passions of mine.

2. When and why did you join the AABC?

I joined the AABC right after I started my business in 2002. This was way back when the events were during lunch and were held at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam.

At my first event I remember feeling nervous when they announced that all of the first time visitors would have the chance to briefly introduce themselves (this is still the case by the way).

I didn’t have anything prepared and to this day I still have no idea what I ended up saying. A lot has changed since then and now I can easily answer that question and I also help other people figure out how to answer it in a memorable way.

I joined the club because I knew networking would be one way to connect with people and build relationships. And it’s been a fun journey for the past 15 years.

I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and there are still some diehards like me who have been around forever.

At yet every event there are always new people who come to check it out and they are always made to feel welcome and included.

It’s an open and friendly group with a diverse mix of business people. Anyone can attend as a guest, come see for yourself sometime. I’d be happy to introduce you around.

3. Tell us about your business and how we can work with you.

I’m a Business & Marketing Mentor and I help Small Business Owners and entrepreneurs increase their visibility and connect with more ideal clients.

If you’d like more clients for your business, be sure to grab a copy of my Free Special Report, 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time at my website:

If you could use some support in growing your business I offer many ways to work together. You can check them all out here.

And if your business is registered with the KvK, and you’d like to get more clients outside of NL, you may qualify to apply for a voucher worth 2,400 euro to work with me to help you expand your business internationally. Get the details on that here.

4. What are your tips and/or advice about doing business in the Netherlands?

Most of my clients, and the people in my Tribe, are Global cats or locals who think internationally. Many of them live in the Netherlands and the rest of them live all over the world.

The Dutch are very direct, so if your clients are mainly Dutch then you can feel confident also using a direct approach with marketing your business. And direct doesn’t mean in your face or rude, that kind of marketing is never a good thing.

I always recommend that no matter what the culture is, it’s imperative to listen first and to give value first when you connect with people.

Photo credit: Cristina Stoian

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