Member Spotlight: Petra Fisher

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Posted by: AABC

Member Spotlight: Petra Fisher

Each month we’ll feature a different AABC member in our new Member Spotlight, this month Petra Fisher. Would you like to be featured in a future edition of our Member Spotlight? Get in touch with Veronica at

1. Who are you? (introduce yourself)

I am a single mom of a teenager, independent LinkedIn Trainer, a sole breadwinner, mortgage payer, house cleaner and whatever else there is to do to keep a 2 person, 1 cat household going. When not working I prefer books over TV, when I do watch TV (as my teenager loves it) I tend to combine this with crochet or knitting. Love the balance of online when I am working and totally offline in my
free time. Please connect with me on LinkedIn and mention you read about me here

2. When and why did you join the AABC?

In October 2018 I joined AABC as Stephanie Ward had been encouraging to do so for years. What appealed to me is that the networking takes place in different, interesting locations each month and the diversity of the members.

3. Tell us about your business and how we can work with you.

As an independent LinkedIn Trainer I help people transform their LinkedIn Presence from a sum up of responsibilities in the past, to a story showing the development of transferable skills focused on the now and near future. Working with me can be focused on your LinkedIn Profile, your networking strategy, or your engagement (posting, sharing, liking, commenting) strategy.

Working with me can roughly be done in 3 settings:

  • Reading the tips in my newsletter each week and implementing the tips + working through the free LinkedIn Profile workbook. Actually, this is not working with me, this is the free DIY version of using my knowledge to your advantage. You can also join the free FB group “LinkedIn Tips” to read interesting articles by different LinkedIn Trainers and to ask your questions.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by getting started, know it shouldn’t be that hard, but not a bit of a push and a shove… there is it online training: “LinkedIn Your Daily Dose”. This is where for 3 weeks (weekdays only) you will receive step by step instruction through email and video to fix one small aspect of your LinkedIn Profile each day. You can post your examples, worries, considerations in a closed FB group, where all participants support each other. If you sign up (it rolls every month) please add AABC behind your last name. You will then be invited to a live online Q&A at the hardest part of the course. A Q&A only for AABC members, fancy if you are the only one to sign up!
  • As an individual (employee or entrepreneur) you can work with me 1-on-1. This is done through Zoom (kinda like Skype) so you don’t have to find the time to travel to my office. I have several packages available to match your needs.
  • As a company you can bring me in to give a presentation style workshop (90 min) for as many people as you can fit in your conference room. The rest of the day (and follow up days if needed). I work with each employee 1-on-1 for 30 minutes. A small ambassadors workshop (training staff how to be leaders and get others on board) is also possible.


4. What are your tips and/or advice about doing business in the Netherlands?

Networking is key. Use not only valuable meetings like AABC, but also online networks such as related FB groups and ofcourse LinkedIn to be as well known as possible, so referrals will come your way.

Don’t beat around the bush. If you are dealing with the Dutch, you can easily save 10-20 minutes on a meeting by getting straight down to business. Be prompt. Meetings start at set time, so be in time to grab a cuppa beforehand, not after the set meeting time.

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