Member Spotlight: Myriam Clouët des Pesruches

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Posted by: Veronica Guguian

Member Spotlight: Myriam Clouët des Pesruches

Each month we’ll feature a different AABC member in our new Member Spotlight, this month Myriam Clouët des Pesruches. Would you like to be featured in a future edition of our Member Spotlight? Get in touch with Veronica at

1. Who are you? (introduce yourself)

I am French and I have been living with my family in Amsterdam since 2013. I grew up in France and abroad and that experience as an ATCK (Adult Third Culture Kid) — followed by other expatriations as an adult — has given me a deep understanding of the mechanics of expatriation, of its complexity, especially at a human level. Human connection is something I feel passionate about in both my personal and professional lives.

In that spirit, I have created Course Kids4Kids, a not-for-profit, solidarity run organized once a year in Amsterdam that enables kids to raise funds for kids in need. The goal is to raise children’s awareness of the importance of caring about others.

I am also a business owner and I offer relocation support services. I advise and support companies and individuals in all stages of the relocation process. There again, the human dimension is at the core of my work. I serve as an advisor to my customers and offer them tailor-made services that fit their specific needs. Building a strong relationship with them and genuinely helping them is what motivates me in my job.

2. When and why did you join the AABC?

I joined the AABC in 2018 as I wanted to meet other companies and professionals. But to me, networking is not just a business thing. It is first and foremost the opportunity to meet other people, to discover and understand cultural differences. It has been a great experience so far, and I have also met some of the partners I am now working with. 

3. Tell us about your business and how we can work with you.

Relocation is a great adventure, but it is a challenging one, like any adventure. Preparation is key to make it successful both for the individual, and the employer. I help my clients in all stages of the process: it can be upfront, during and at the end, or at only one of those stages. I anticipate my clients’ needs, help them understand what needs to be done and support them throughout that often-stressful experience. I cover a wide array of topics, from advising on the content of the relocation packages offered by companies, to administrative matters and housing, as well as education or the integration of the spouse and the children in the new country for example. I offer my services for relocating to the Netherlands, as well as to other countries. 

I first do a free intake session with them during which we discuss their specific needs and their priorities. Based on that assessment, I then propose them a tailor-made service in order to support them in the best possible way. 

Depending on my client’s needs, I regularly partner up with other professionals such as moving companies, estate agents, financial advisors, but also education specialists, life coaches, recruitment agencies etc. I have met some of them thanks to the AABC. This is a great community to meet internationals and do business.

4. What are your tips and/or advice about doing business in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a great place to start a business because the concept of taking a chance and taking risks is very much part of the national culture. It is even encouraged with kids. Things are different in France for instance, where it tends to be a more risk-averse culture. So, if you are in the Netherlands and have an idea for a business, believe in yourself and go for it!

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