Member Spotlight: Koen Gijzel

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Member Spotlight: Koen Gijzel

Each month we’ll feature a different AABC member in our new Member Spotlight, this month Koen Gijzel. Would you like to be featured in a future edition of our Member Spotlight? Get in touch with Veronica at


1. Who are you? (introduce yourself)

My name is Koen Gijzel and I am the founder of Koentact Dutch Language School. I studied French and Dutch linguistics in Amsterdam and Paris, and started Koentact in 2009. I was born in Utrecht and I have been living in Amsterdam since 2003, still passionately support my home football team FC Utrecht though!
One of my favorite places in Amsterdam is the market, from Dappermarkt to Noordermarkt, on account of the enormous variety of different cultures and great foods that you find here side by side. I love listening to French rap music, studying Arabic, making my own ravioli, going to classical concerts and cycling on my racer in the nature around the city.

2. When and why did you join the AABC?

I already was a member of the AABC 5 years ago, but I could not join the evening events anymore, because of the timing. I was so busy in the evenings, because of all our evening classes, that I did not have time and energy anymore for networking events. Now, we have a great teaching team in the evenings which gives me more time in the evenings. So, here I am: happy to be back and to meet new internationals who have difficulties pronouncing the -Dutch Ghhhh or who do really not understand the Dutch directness…

3. Tell us about your business and how we can work with you.

At Koentact, we give Dutch lessons for expats. We make learning Dutch as fun as possible and through our Field Trips and Language Cafes we break down the barrier of speaking Dutch in daily life. Koentact has an office in the city center of Amsterdam, consists of a professional staff of three young professionals and many great enthusiastic teachers. Together we offer a wide range of Dutch language courses and activities for internationals from all over the world. We offer classes in our school building, but also in-company and in-house. Thanks to the personal approach of our staff and teachers, our practical and social approach to language learning and never-ending energy, students do not only learn Dutch at Koentact, but they also have lots of fun, make many new friends and experience the real Dutch culture. You could always come to one of our free events (Koentact Open Day or the Amsterdam Language Cafe) to get to know us.

4. What are your tips and/or advice about doing business in the Netherlands?

Be yourself, be honest, have fun and don’t take it too seriously.

Photo credit: Magpeye Photography

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