How Joy Can Bring Better Results in 2018

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Blanca Vergara
Posted by: AABC

How Joy Can Bring Better Results in 2018

Do you want to see better results in 2018? Money, impact, influence?

Do you want to find more joy in 2018?

Do you want both?

If you are like the people who attended the Amsterdam American Business Club (AABC) December event, you will answer with a definite YES.
We all want this, and we have wanted it every single year. However, there are huge barriers within us that have stopped us from achieving these things and continue to do so, including…

  • Our beliefs: We think, “we cannot have our cake and eat it, too.” Is this true, or is this just one of many self-defeating popular beliefs?
  • Our fears: We set objectives and work on projects that don’t make our heart sing. In other words we walk over our own desires.
  • Our habits: We want to lose weight, but keep choosing the cake instead of the carrot.

These three barriers are linked to the three centers of intelligence in our body: our brain, our heart, and our gut. Yes, scientists have discovered we have more than one “brain.” Our heart and our gut are also valuable sources of wisdom.

Our brain is the source of creativity. It generates wonderful ideas. No wonder we have, for centuries, centered our world around it. However as creative at it is, it also creates unreal realities. It generates thoughts that sabotage our intent. Sadly some of these thoughts become chronic thoughts, a.k.a. beliefs. Once they reach this stage, they are very powerful and stop your endeavors.
Our heart and our gut haven’t received much attention over the centuries. We have actually learned to suppress our compassion and our courage. Current social changes, however, are bringing these two qualities to light.

We are starting to realize how important it is to work on purpose. When we are truly committed to doing what we love, we engage our heart’s intelliguence. Thus we create solutions that are truly meaningful to many, most importantly you. Plus when you listen to your heart, everything becomes easier. It allows you to find the most graceful route toward meaningful impact.
The one that has the least attention is the gut. No wonder there are so many people with creative and compassionate business plans, movie scripts, or book drafts that never see the light of day. What we need is the power of the gut: courage.

To get all you want out of 2018, you need to activate the powers of your three brains. You need to illicit:

  • A better MindSet: Activate your creativity. Invent new and empowering beliefs.
  • A better HeartSet: Activate your compassion. Smother all your fears by allowing the wisdom of your heart to be your guide.
  • A better HandSet. Activate your courage. Build daily habits that gradually expand your comfort zone and your self-reliance.

I have created courses and books full of techniques outlining how to activate these three sets. For the purpose of this article, I’ll give you one technique that will allow you to engage your three intelligences at once. This tool will help you make difficult decisions fast. Once you are proficient at using it, your productivity will soar. The best is that your joy and sense of calm will too.

When you are confronted with a difficult choice (going to a networking event when tired, accepting funding for your venture from a person you don’t trust, developing a software/app further after knowing there is already competition in the market, etc.) ask yourself:

What is the most creative, compassionate, and courageous thing to do?

Notice this question is forcing you to use the three qualities at the same time. It is forcing you to align the power of your whole being in the choice you will make. It is asking you to come up with innovative options that make your heart sing, allow you to care for humanity, and are still daring adventures.

Once you have an option on the table, butterflies will flutter in your tummy. It’s unavoidable! Then ask yourself: is there another alternative? Brainstorm. Ask your heart. Feel the fear. When they are finally aligned, take action, no matter how small. Success loves speed. You must tell your brain, your heart, and your gut that you mean it. This way you will build brand new neuro-pathways of resilience and self-belief.

With this article, I also want to wish you a Merry Everything and a Happy Always. Plus I have a special gift for all of the AABC community. I decided to give you 30 percent discount off all my books and online courses. I expand on techniques to transform your fears into fuel. To claim your gift, go to and use the code aabc2017.

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