Member Spotlight: Roel Strijker

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Posted by: AABC

Member Spotlight: Roel Strijker

Each month we’ll feature a different AABC member in our new Member Spotlight, this month Roel Strijker. Would you like to be featured in a future edition of our Member Spotlight? Get in touch with Veronica at

1. Who are you? (introduce yourself)

My name is Roel Strijker, born in the east of The Netherlands, nearby Zwolle. When I was 6, my family moved to Hilversum (a city which is more in the central part of The Netherlands. Also the broadcasting city) due to my fathers work, which was giving and selling: Management Trainingen (Sales, Motivations, Communications, Leadership). So this was a topic mentioned a lot during breakfast, since we lived above the headoffice.
Studied Fashion & Management on a private school in Doorn. And after gaining 20 years of experience in the field (retail and wholesale), I am doing now what I loved best: sales, people and fashion!

2. When and why did you join the AABC?

When I became a Personal Tailor I first became a member of other Dutch networkingclubs, simply to see (observe and learn) what is going on. And there is a lot going on! The Netherlands (as a business) attracts a lot of foreign businesses and therefor it might be very interested to see the possibilities within.
After learning a lot, I decided to widen my horizon and put my scope on the international businessclubs. What better place to start at…. than America:)!

3. Tell us about your business and how we can work with you.

I will not sell you a custom made suit.
As a Personal Tailor of custom made menswear. I only have to manage your expectations the right way. My promise to you is when you buy a suit from me, you will feel more successful and more happier! I will visit you at home or at the office (also for your colleagues at work we can have a Custom Made Event).
So how can I even promise that? Simply by having a conversation with me.
I will talk about the advantages of custom made clothing (suits, jacket, shirts, smokings, overcoats), the beautiful Italian and English fabrics, the best makes and the nicest sartorial (handmade) details. Obviously with the finest qualities.
But more important: I will get to know you! For me it is the lifeline to gain access to your Personal Style. Hence the title: Personal Tailor.
The headquarter is based in The Hague and a shop will be opened in Voorburg in March this year (2019)!
So have a look at, or like us on Facebook and/or Instagram!
In addition we have a fantastic Ambassadors Program. If you are an ambassador for our brand, you could end up with a fantastic custom made suit for free!

4. What are your tips and/or advice about doing business in the Netherlands?

Doing business in The Netherlands means in most cases, you don’t have to wear a suit with a tie (obviously except when it’s embedded in the corporate culture of the company). You could lose the tie easily. Even just a neat jacket (‘Sack’) with ‘Slacks’ is common. Though carelessness whilst wearing (ie American people tend to wear suits rather a size up) will kill the atmosphere. So pay attention to details and dare to look sharp.
Call/ app me for any advice on the spot (+31(0)6 50600931)!

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